We offer a wide-range of financial and accounting services to all types of businesses. We are proud of the long-term productive relationships we have built with our clients over the years, and the quality of the services that we deliver.

Business Accounting

Accounting services assure your company’s with requirements of applicable laws, financial reporting standards, regulations.


Modern business requires up-to-date, accurate financial information. We can relieve you and your staff of the enormous burden of all your bookkeeping and accounting needs, including preparation of monthly management accounts and annual financial statements.

Tax preparation

We will help you develop tax strategies to ensure you are paying the right amount of tax, and no more than necessary. We can help you to increase your tax efficiency.


We will help you with the goal of improving information or the context of information so that decision makers can make more informed, and presumably better, decisions.

Business start-ups

If you have a good idea for a new business venture but don't have expertise in the legal or tax beneficial aspects of creating a new business, we will hep you.

Business Advisory

We have the know-how and experience to offer advice that helps you with taxation and other regulatory compliances so you can concentrate on running your business effectively. We check that your business is as competitive, focused, and profitable as it can be, then offer flexible strategies, designed to address the issues affecting your business.

Computerized Payroll

Administering your payroll can be time-consuming and divert you from your core business activities. Added to this, payroll and employment legislation are growing increasingly complex.

GST Filings/Compliance

The GST system is a complex and confusing one. Consequently Harpreet Parmar Professional Accountants ensures our team remains up to date with any changes, enabling us to offer you accurate advice.

CRA Audits & Appeals

Investigation by CRA is a very stressful matter. Not only does it take up your valuable time, it could be a very expensive exercise if not handled properly. In the event of a tax review or audit by CRA we can assess the facts of your case and provide you with proper advice based on the prevailing tax laws and general attitude of CRA.